If you want to be a part of the audience, conference fee is 150 TL (for Turkish citizens) ; if you want to participate as a presenter, it is 200 TL (for Turkish citizens). For Non-Turkish citizens the conference fee is 50 € for participants and 75 € for presenters. Conference fee includes the social events (gala dinner and the travel expenses of Safranbolu-Amasra tour which will take place on 09.09.2017 afternoon) and conference pack.

Pre-registration is not compulsory if you participate as a part of the audience; when you come to the conference, you can register at the registration office and print your badge. If you register in advance, you can get your name badge from the registration office when you come to the conference.If you want to be a presenter , pre-registration must be done.

In case of multiple applications, an application fee for each application is requested.

Please fill in the form below for pre-registration.

Registration Form

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