Presentation Types

Poster presentation
This type of presentation includes a one-day long active session in which a presenter uses posters and visual aids to discuss their study on the poster and receive questions. Presenters are suggested to use pictures, charts or photos with clear labels and very brief texts on their posters.


This type of presentation includes a 45-minute hands-on session which focuses on participants’ active discussion, problem-solution dialogue for the issues such as development of specific teaching techniques or materials.

Oral presentation

This type of presentation includes a 20-minute session which may be either theory or practice oriented. The allocated time for presentations is 15 minutes and 5 minutes for a question and answer session.

Panel discussion

This type of presentation includes a 60-minute session consisting of 3-4 presenters who are experts in their field and make 10 minute presentation to discuss issues about their fields with the audience. The panel discussion is conducted by a convener to ensure participation of the audience with their questions and opinions on a particular issue. A panel discussion could be organized by a convener to organize his or her own group and invite scholars to contribute to the topic being discussed and the organization committee who has invited experts on a particular issue.

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