Conference Call

SCOFOLA17 (School of Foreign Languages)

B.E.U. School of Foreign Languages International Conference

           "Fostering 21st Century Skills in Language Studies" 

8-10 September 2017

Zonguldak, Turkey

In the 21st century, the fact that teaching native or foreign language is accepted to be a challenging process is a well-known fact. As the number of the studies on language and its teaching is increasing, new methods and techniques are being proposed for both teachers and learners.

We suggest that each and every experience that has been gained by educators in classrooms out of school be revealed and shared with colleagues who aim to contribute to the knowledge of the area by proposing new ideas. 

The first SCOFOLA17 "Fostering 21st Century Skills in Language Studies" conference aims to provide opportunities for experts to share their ideas, suggestions and experiences with colleagues by evaluating current practices of language and teaching practices from an innovative perspective in order to present solutions for commonly shared needs of the learners in the related areas. Furthermore, it aims to sustain new ideas and studies that could lead to future studies by integrating new and innovative theories and practices into the current applications. 

To this end, we would like to state that we are proud to exchange knowledge and experiences with you, colleagues. Participants could share their studies as poster and oral presentations; workshop and panels. In order to make oral and poster presentations, it is necessary that abstract papers be uploaded to our web site in the appropriate format. These papers are to be blind-reviewed by at least two members of our advisory board considering their scope, content and quality and accepted proposals are to be announced on the web site. 

The official languages of the conference are Turkish and English. Linguists, researchers and teachers around the world could share their studies with us in these languages.

The main focus is on the 21st century skills in language studies and sub-themes are as the followings (but not limited)

Innovative materials and new tools for  language teaching
Language teaching and learning experiences
Language education and technology
Evaluation and assessment of student learning
Emerging Technologies in learning
Experiences outside the classroom
New teaching/learning theories and models
Globalization in education and education reforms
Education economics
Education accreditation, quality and assessment
Competency-based learning and skill assessment
Designing innovative curriculum and instruction
Critical thinking and creative thinking skills
Lifelong learning
Professional development
Open and distance education

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